Your mission, Move all golden blocks to caution places.

Use TNT blocks to move blocks. Touch the screen in void places and you place a TNT block (You can't place another TNT block until this explodes). Touch again over this TNT block and then the TNT block Explodes. The explosion affects to North, South, East, and West next neighbours.

Explosions affects in different ways over each block:

Tnt Block

TNT Blocks

If a block hits it, then it explodes and explosion affects next neighbours.

Wooden Block

Wooden blocks

If a block hits it, stops movement of this and wooden block desintegrates. If a next neighbours explodes then the wooden block desintegrates.

Metal Block

Golden Block

Metal and golden blocks

If a block hits it, stops movement of this, and metal or golden block begin to move (same sense and direction). If a next neighbours explodes then the metal or golden block begin to move (same sense and direction that expansive wave).

Stone Block

Stone Blocks

They are indestructibles. They stops movement of all other blocks that hit them. Explosions don't affect them.

Caution Place

Caution place

Move golden blocks here.

To complete missions you have a "game day", look at the shadows is your only time indicator.

If you want to make a LEVEL RESTART, touch and hold down until doors close.

Good luck.


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How move block

If you want to move a block. Touch in a void place.

Tnt position

Ok, you have placed a TNT block.

Tnt Explodes

Touch again over it, and the TNT block explodes.

Golden block moves

Now, the next neigbours has been affected. In this case you have placed a golden block in a caution place.

Another Tnt position

You have placed another TNT block.

Tnt explodes

You detonate TNT block, and metal block is affected and begin to move.

Metal block moves

The metal block hit a second metal block... then this first metal block stops and the second metal block is affected by the hit and begin to move.

Do you want to make a restart level? Touch and hold without move your finger until doors close.

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